Wetherby Cranberry Company Marsh Tours
3365 Auger Road, Warrens, WI 54666; (608) 378-4813; wetherby@freshcranberries.com
The Wetherby Cranberry Company is a family owned and operated cranberry marsh 4.5 miles east of Warrens on county Highway EW. Growing cranberries for over 100 years, the Van Wychen family specializes in high quality fresh fruit. The family hosts Cranberry Blossom Day the last Saturday of June and Cranberry Harvest Day the first Saturday of October. Tours for school and motor coach groups, as well as small groups of up to 7 people, are available by appointment (fee charged). Call Nodji at (608) 378-4813 to ask about availability.


Self-Guided Driving Tour of Warrens Area Cranberry Marshes

Click here to download a PDF version of this map. Due to the size of the map, we were only able to scan the marsh tour portion (indicated by the red line). Portions of the other two tours are not shown in their entirety. The full-size map is available at the Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center.