Organizers of the Warrens Sesquicentennial Celebration are seeking nominees for the title of Oldest Warrens Area Resident.

Activities marking the Warrens Sesquicentennial Celebration will begin on May 15 and continue through the Warrens Cranberry Festival. The majority of the 150th anniversary celebration will occur July 3-4.

The contest for Oldest Warrens Area Resident is open to anyone born in 1932 or earlier who has lived most of their life in the Warrens area.

“We’re hoping to recognize long-time area senior citizens as we collect stories about how Warrens has changed during their lifetimes,” said Jenny Walworth, one of the contest organizers. Also helping organize the contest are Sara Hendricks and Lorry Erickson.

When Warrens celebrated its centennial in 1968, 90-year-old Augusta Drescher (pictured above) was honored as the oldest resident. Drescher’s family had moved from Sparta to Warren Mills (now Warrens) when she was 5 years old. Her father, Julius Messner, was a blacksmith and worked for the George Warren Company. In 1901, Augusta married Ernest Drescher,  and for a time the couple operated a store in the Town of Knapp.

UPDATE: The event co-chairs have decided to honor the Oldest Resident Living in the Village of Warrens, the Oldest Resident from the Warrens Area and the Oldest Couple Living in the Warrens Area. All nominees and their families will be invited to attend the Warrens Sesquicentennial Senior Tea in June.

The stories collected for the 150th anniversary celebration will be used for newspaper stories and may also be included in a planned Warrens sesquicentennial history book.

“We are hoping we can visit with the candidates to interview them about their memories of growing up in the Warrens area, working and raising their families here, and hearing their stories of what Warrens was like years ago compared to today,” Hendricks said.

Nominations should include:

  • The nominee’s name, mailing address and either their phone number, or the phone number of family member who can be contacted for more information.
  • A recent photo of the nominee, along with a photo from their childhood.
  • A brief description of the nominee’s life including when and where they were born, where they went to school, their occupation and the names of their children.
  • A paragraph on the biggest change that has occurred in Warrens during the nominee’s lifetime.

Nominations can be mailed to: Oldest Warrens Resident, c/o Warrens Village Office, P.O. Box 97, Warrens, WI 54666 or e-mailed to The entry deadline is May 1.

Nominations Sought for Oldest Warrens Resident